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Know Your
Hearing Number

Introducing the Hearing Number—a sound metric that can help you engage with life.

What is the
Hearing Number?

The Hearing Number is a metric that can help you better understand your hearing and how it changes over time.

Using the
Hearing Number

Knowing your Hearing Number and tracking it over time can help you know when your hearing changes and guide you toward strategies that can help improve your hearing and communication.

The Hearing
Number campaign

The Know Your Hearing Number campaign introduces the Hearing Number as a way to understand and talk about hearing.

Why is hearing health important?

Hearing helps us engage with the world and connect with the people in our lives. Hearing is also important for healthy aging. Everyone’s hearing changes as we get older because parts of the inner ear wear out over time. This gradual loss of hearing can impact our lives and isolate us from the people and world around us.

Yet many of us do not know much about our hearing and how it changes as we get older. This is in part because there hasn’t been a simple way to understand and talk about our hearing, like there is for height, weight, vision, blood pressure, and other key health metrics. That’s where the Hearing Number comes in.

Hearing loss can impact health

Hearing loss is…
Number One
The single greatest risk factor for dementia
Linked to loss of thinking and memory abilities
Rain Cloud
Linked to depression
Illustration of a sad person
A risk factor for social isolation and loneliness